The Science of Meditation

    Meditation as a tool for personal development is recommended in a lot of models and theories. The related concept of “mindfulness” has grown in popularity as well; companies are convinced their employees can benefit from it, and health insurance companies are launching mindfulness apps. Meditation has become a big industry. But does it work? The annual number of scientific studies on meditation surpasses the 1,000 mark. Psychologists Daniel Goleman and […]

    Why Highly Successful Companies use the OKR Method

    Big companies like Intel, Google, Amazon, Samsung and Spotify all work with the OKR method — a way to connect the organization’s objectives to measurable results. OKRs help you implement changes fast, and it’s ideal for companies in fast-moving industries. “OKR” stands for Objectives and Key Results. The OKR method is a way of working to enforce collaboration between departments and employees. It makes it easier to communicate goals internally, […]

    Utilizing Your ‘Golden Hour’ for Peak Productivity

    Brian Tracy and Dan Ariely have developed a method to manage productivity, called the “Golden Hour.” In their theory, your peak productivity is reached within a specific time window after waking up. You work as hard as you can during the day, but when you are home in the evening, you don’t have the power to go to the gym or do something active with one of the kids. Does […]

    Four Priority Management Strategies for Personal Success

    Besides managing your time in an efficient way, prioritizing your goals has a major impact on success. When you set personal goals, it’s important to immediately decide which are highest priority. Go full force with the highest priorities on your list and work your way down. Chances are, you will still be working on multiple goals simultaneously, or at least some tasks that support these goals. Keep on prioritizing your […]

    What to do When Your Personal Growth Stalls

    We’ve all hit a wall at some point. You could be doing everything right, but still don’t get that promotion. You might lose your job regardless of your efforts. You may run up against a competitor you can’t beat. But what feels like a roadblock could be your first step toward self-growth. When you can’t go forward, the only option to move is backward. When entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran talked about […]

    Success Leaves Clues; How Finding a Mentor Can Help You in Personal Success

    Have you heard the phrase “success leaves clues?” Many international speakers, such as Reuben Gonzales and Tony Robbins, use this in their personal-development seminars. Successful people do in fact leave clues about why they are successful. You’re probably aware that if someone else is successful at something, you can be successful, too. Yet, many people don’t know where to find these clues. The key is to model those who are […]

    Six Strategies for Personal Goal Success

    Goal-setting also involves planning for the future. In a related study, Andrew MacLeod found that setting goals and creating skill-focused planning improved well-being for those who participated. Thinking positively about your future improves your ability to create goals and take the actions required to achieve them. Eliminate your goals There is a psychological concept called “goal competition”, which refers to your goals competing with each other for your attention and […]

    A Journey is Made of Many Steps

    The story of Dave Brailsford provides a perfect example of the power of taking many small steps. Sir Dave Brailsford explained his “marginal gains” approach in a Harvard Business Review article in 2015. Brailsford was hired as Head of British Cycling by the British Cycling Organization in 2002. Professional cyclists in Great Britain had been getting mediocre results since the organization’s beginnings in 1908. Since 1908, only one British cyclist […]

    Why We Need to Set and Write Down our Personal Goals

    Personal goals are the things we want to achieve in our lives. They are much more meaningful than the basic things we need to do to survive. Unlike short-term objectives and daily routines, long-term life goals drive our actions and attitudes over a longer period. Because all life goals are personal, these ambitions can take a variety of forms. They lay the foundation for a unique sense of direction and […]

    How To Find Your “Why”

    Simon Sinek, author of the book “Find Your Why,” writes that it is only when you understand your “why” that you will be capable of pursuing the things that give you fulfillment. Your “why” (or your life’s purpose) will serve as your point of reference for all decisions and actions from this moment on. It will allow you to measure progress and know when you have met your goals. The […]