Goal-setting is a mighty motivator

    Goal-setting is a mighty motivator. The value of goal-setting has been identified by numerous studies, in both clinical and real-world settings, for many decades. Edwin Locke and Gary Latham define goals as “the object or aim of an action, for example, to attain a specific standard of proficiency, usually within a specified time limit.” Goals are the level of competence we wish to achieve — and they create a guide by which […]

    Personal mission as a larger, measurable goal

    At this point, you have hopefully found your “why.” Now it’s time to create a “what” to accompany the “why.” By now you, know why you do the things you do, why you feel the way you feel, and why you dream your dreams. Your “why” is what will drive you going forward. By defining your “what,” you are creating a larger, measurable goal. Your “what” is made up of […]

    Plan your future with the One Page Life Plan

    In the previous articles, you figured out your core values, core competencies, and personal mission. Now, we’ll collect them and use them as a base to design your future. We’ll focus on creating a long-term plan from which your other goals can be created. One Page Life Plan The goal of the OPLP (One Page Life Plan) is to zoom out and try to define you and your future self […]

    Your core values are individual beliefs

    When you figured out your why, you gave some thought to your personal values. Your core values will be extremely important when we get to the actual goal-setting process, and should be written down, just like we did with core competencies. When you did the “find your why” exercise, you documented your core values. Spend some more time with this — fine-tune what you have, and figure out what your […]

    Core Competencies; your skills and strengths

    The first exercise when making a personal life plan is to create a list of your core competencies. Your skills and strengths are what you are good at — these are what influence your chances of success. You conducted a review of yourself, so you should have a good idea about your own personal core competencies. The terms “competencies” and “skills” are often used interchangeably, but they have some big […]

    Introduction to Setting Personal Goals

    I am a millennial, and I go through all the problems typically associated with people my age. We grew up with the idea that anything and everything is possible. But the vast array of options has led to widespread dissatisfaction: we tend to never be satisfied with the things we achieve, always wanting more. After becoming dissatisfied with a job, I quit — having no idea what I wanted to […]

    The Science of Meditation

    Meditation as a tool for personal development is recommended in a lot of models and theories. The related concept of “mindfulness” has grown in popularity as well; companies are convinced their employees can benefit from it, and health insurance companies are launching mindfulness apps. Meditation has become a big industry. But does it work? The annual number of scientific studies on meditation surpasses the 1,000 mark. Psychologists Daniel Goleman and […]

    Why Highly Successful Companies use the OKR Method

    Big companies like Intel, Google, Amazon, Samsung and Spotify all work with the OKR method — a way to connect the organization’s objectives to measurable results. OKRs help you implement changes fast, and it’s ideal for companies in fast-moving industries. “OKR” stands for Objectives and Key Results. The OKR method is a way of working to enforce collaboration between departments and employees. It makes it easier to communicate goals internally, […]