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Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs influence our experiences. The stronger your beliefs, the more self-fulfilling they seem. Because of this, we tend to seek out confirmation to support our beliefs. What many people don’t realize is that most of their existing beliefs are not actually true — they only seem true because we have decided they are. There are a lot of collective limiting beliefs many people agree on: None of us really […]

Action Board for Personal Goal Success

The idea of a vision board or collage helping you achieve success may seem silly, but there are neuro-processes involved. Neuroscientist and author of “The Source” Dr. Tara Swart examines some of the neuro-processes involved. Vision boards train your brain to recognize opportunity Seeing images on a vision board trains your brain to notice opportunities that it otherwise might not have recognized. That is because of a neural process called […]

Your Beliefs Shape Who You Are

Books like “The Power” and “The Secret” have influenced the increasing popularity of the idea that wishes can be granted through positive thinking and visualization. This mindset has received much criticism for relying on unvalidated scientific claims. Such as the use of quantum physics to explain how the mind works. Critics state that these unvalidated claims promote false hope among readers. Claims that beliefs single-handedly determine our physical health, financial […]