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The Science of Meditation

Meditation as a tool for personal development is recommended in a lot of models and theories. The related concept of “mindfulness” has grown in popularity as well; companies are convinced their employees can benefit from it, and health insurance companies are launching mindfulness apps. Meditation has become a big industry. But does it work? The annual number of scientific studies on meditation surpasses the 1,000 mark. Psychologists Daniel Goleman and […]

Why Highly Successful Companies use the OKR Method

Big companies like Intel, Google, Amazon, Samsung and Spotify all work with the OKR method — a way to connect the organization’s objectives to measurable results. OKRs help you implement changes fast, and it’s ideal for companies in fast-moving industries. “OKR” stands for Objectives and Key Results. The OKR method is a way of working to enforce collaboration between departments and employees. It makes it easier to communicate goals internally, […]

Utilizing Your ‘Golden Hour’ for Peak Productivity

Brian Tracy and Dan Ariely have developed a method to manage productivity, called the “Golden Hour.” In their theory, your peak productivity is reached within a specific time window after waking up. You work as hard as you can during the day, but when you are home in the evening, you don’t have the power to go to the gym or do something active with one of the kids. Does […]

Four Priority Management Strategies for Personal Success

Besides managing your time in an efficient way, prioritizing your goals has a major impact on success. When you set personal goals, it’s important to immediately decide which are highest priority. Go full force with the highest priorities on your list and work your way down. Chances are, you will still be working on multiple goals simultaneously, or at least some tasks that support these goals. Keep on prioritizing your […]

Hell Week; Challenge Yourself to Find Your True Capabilities

Erik Betrand Larssen, a former paratrooper developed The Hell Week. A week to check off everything you have been postponing to do. To develop a habit of performing. And to show your true capabilities. With all the methods, theories, tips and tricks in my book, hopefully you will be able to better set and achieve goals than you have ever done. And hopefully you will get more out of life, […]

Pareto Principle for Time Management

One of the most well-known time management methods is the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule or “the law of the vital few.” This method is named after Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist who in 1906 noticed that 80% of the land was controlled by 20% of the people, and that 20% of the pea pods in his garden produced 80% of the peas. Business management consultant Joseph […]

Sleep Chronotypes Determine your Peak Productity

It turns out there’s a reason you function better at different times of the day, and it all comes down to biology and genetics. Dr. Michael Breus, a California-based clinical psychologist and sleep specialist known as “the Sleep Doctor,” said as much in his book “The Power of When: Discover Your Chronotype.” According to Breus, knowing your sleep chronotype — or your natural inclination to sleep at a particular time […]

The Zeigarnik Effect for Effective Time Management

Research has shown that talented people did not become geniuses overnight. They are not extraordinary creatures with inexhaustible resources of willpower, oceans of time, or alien-like talents. Most of these successful people use their time in an extremely efficient way. And many of them use the Zeigarnik effect to do so. The Zeigarnik effect, developed by Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik and German psychologist Kurt Lewin, is based on the theory […]