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75 Core Values; A List of Examples to Determine Your Personal Values

Your core values are individual beliefs — the things that you feel are important in your life. You can also define values as your personal preferences. You start creating values in early childhood, and during your lifetime, these might change or be influenced by your experiences. Your core values motivate how you act and behave. If you want to make sure you are living your best life, determining your core […]

95 Core Competencies; A List of Examples to Determine Your Personal Core Competencies

The terms “competencies” and “skills” are often used interchangeably. But they have some big differences, explained below. Along with examples of core competencies to get you going in the exercise to determine your personal core competencies. What is a skill? Definitions of “skill” differ in various studies, but there are a few commonalities: So, a skill is something learned in order to be able to carry out one or more […]

31 Recommended Books on Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

Below you will find a list of 31 recommended books on setting goals and achieving personal success. They are categorized into separate list, with some focusing on goal-setting. And others focus on the psychology behind the process. To books focused on creating happiness for yourself. Setting Personal Goals Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide– Caroline Adams Miller and Dr. Michael Frisch Filled with interactive exercises and quizzes, […]